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Surviving ‘Fred’ Google’s Latest Algorithm Update
May 17, 2017|SEO

Surviving ‘Fred’ Google’s Latest Algorithm Update

Surviving ‘Fred’ Google’s Latest Algorithm Update

The current talk on (unofficial) Google’s “Fred” algorithm update has rekindled curiosity in the SEO world. Even though not declared officially by Google, Garry Ilyes who is Google proficient tweets it as “Fred”. And despite the confirmations, it was believed to be introduced so as to avoid drop in organic sites traffic as well as getting rid of sites containing irrelevant content. Let’s discuss ways of surviving “Fred” Google’s latest algorithm update, but first…

What’s the (unofficial) “Fred” Google Algorithm all about?

Not surprisingly Google still officially remains clammed up on “Fred”. Several SEO analysts assumes that “Fred” algorithm was brought in so as to reduce the traffic to those websites which have low quality content, irrelevant backlinks, heavy ads plus black hat SEO.

What can help your site rank post ‘Fred’?

For an effective website, well written and quality content is important for best chance at ranking. Your website content ought to be deep in information which the user needs. Poor quality content along with click bait false headlines will not amuse the user. Then there are heavy ads. If there’s a huge amount of ads displayed along with content not remotely relevant to the theme of your site, expect a big drop in rankings.

Low quality backlinks is another significant reason. Several artificial backlinks in your content that are supported merely to generate more revenue will lead to drop in ranking. Webmaster’s who have relied on “Black Hat” methods to fool the search engines can expect to see their sites penalized.

Ways of surviving “Fred” Google’s latest algorithm update

You can do this through:

  • Beefing up your thin content to high quality and in depth content which may satisfy your clients or visitors.
  • Monitoring your website traffic through overseeing how traffic numbers are linked with Google algorithm updates.
  • Updating your visible search. By this, it implies to have some clear visibility in the local search, making sure geo-specific info and your keywords are relevant. You may adjust them when necessary. This will improve your analytics.
  • Getting rid of those useless heavy ads to improve user experience.
  • Formulating mobile-friendly experience as Google normally prioritize mobile website over the desktop one.
  • Utilizing a backlink spam checker or tools to help in avoiding too many unnecessary backlinks that help survive “Fred”.

As Google continues to daily provide us with several updates, it’s not hard to fathom why the update “Fred” has arrived. Supporting  high quality content, providing excellent user experience plus managing important ads are just some of the strategies you need to rank higher in Google

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